We understand the importance of quality products and the long way it goes in establishing a name as a brand. To achieve this goal we have set rigorous quality control procedures at different stages of sourcing of raw material, production and supply. International practices and methods are adopted to produce international standard products.

We have established linkages with reliable and established suppliers for our raw material to ensure quality, consistent and timely delivery so that we can avoid delays in supply of orders and fulfill our commitments.

Tested Ingots are heated in furnaces, which are regularly calibrated for their thermal efficiency. Forging process then undertakes, which is keenly supervised for every stroke of hammer that shapes various items into desired forms and shapes.

If demanded, the forgings can undergo destructive and non-destructive testing to meet specific customer requirements. These testings can be conducted in-house or by third parties to ensure complete adherence to quality. We are approved with BHEL, Lloyds, DNV, IBR, Tractbel, FACT, HMT, Starwire India Ltd.

Quality, according to us, is not only the efficiency and durability of products but also its utility for which it is bought and thus we work closely with our clients to know their exact needs and requirements.

We have developed a highly sophisticated laboratory house to ensure superior quality and defect free products, which includes:

  • Ultrasonic Testing Machine
  • Tensile Testing Machine
  • Hardness Testing Arrangements
  • All Measuring Instruments
  • Chemical Testing Equipments
  • Impact Testing Machine
  • Normalizing Heat Treatment Facility
  • Microscope, MPI Test available